Odisha CRPF Jawan’s Selfless Act: Donates Heart & Kidney, Saves 2 Lives

By | March 26, 2024
Odisha CRPF Jawan's Selfless Act Donates Heart & Kidney, Saves 2 Lives

A CRPF jawan from Odisha has done something incredibly brave and generous. He donated his heart and kidney to save the lives of two patients.

As per reports, Krushna Chandra Mahabhoi served as a havildar and was stationed in Jammu and Kashmir. Two years ago, he faced severe health issues and was admitted to the hospital.

Despite undergoing treatment for two years, Krushna couldn’t recover and passed away. Following his demise, doctors approached his family seeking permission to donate his vital organs. Krushna’s son mentioned that initially, they were hesitant, but their mother reminded them of their father’s dedication to the nation’s safety. They agreed to the donation, seeing it as a continuation of his noble service.

Once the family consented, arrangements were made to retrieve Krushna’s heart and kidney for transplantation. His body was taken to SUM Ultimate Hospital in Bhubaneswar for this purpose.

His heart will be transplanted into a patient in Kolkata, while his kidney will go to another patient in Mumbai. Doctors at SUM Ultimate Hospital stated that both recipients urgently needed these organs for survival. They ensured that all preparations were made for the complex surgery to remove the organs, which had to be completed within four hours.

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