Odia Actor Satyaki Mishra Recovered from oral cancer

By | March 1, 2024
Odia Actor Satyaki Mishra Recovered from oral cancer

Ollywood Odia actor Satyaki Mishra, who is currently recovering from oral cancer, spoke at an event organized at the Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital on the eve of World Cancer Day.

Cancer is a formidable illness, yet it can be confronted and overcome with bravery and a positive outlook, noted Ollywood actor Satyaki Mishra expressed.

During the event, Odia Actor Satyaki Mishra emphasized the importance of courage and a positive mindset in the fight against cancer. He shared his personal experience, highlighting the adverse effects of tobacco products, which he used regularly before being afflicted with cancer.

Mishra’s wife, Suchismita Mishra, stressed the challenges faced by families dealing with cancer, including physical, mental, and financial strain. She urged people not to ignore potential signs of cancer and seek medical treatment promptly.

Dr. Sunil Agrawal, Head of the Department of Surgical Oncology, emphasized that people should not fear cancer, as advanced medical treatments are available, and early detection is crucial for recovery.

Dr. Saroj Prasad Panda, Head of Paediatric Oncology, pointed out the alarming number of children diagnosed with cancer in the country.

Former MP and actor Siddhant Mohapatra highlighted the importance of awareness in successfully combating the disease, emphasizing that lifestyle choices significantly impact health.

Medical Superintendent Prof. Pusparaj Samantasinhar, Dean Prof. Neeta Mohanty, and Head of Medical Oncology Dr. Soumya Surath Panda also addressed the audience during the event.

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