Police Probe: Singer Humane Sagar Aides Attack Lyricist

By | February 29, 2024
Police Probe Singer Humane Sagar's Aides Attack Lyricist

Ollywood singer Humane Sagar recently became the center of attention due to an unfortunate incident involving his manager, Sagar Behera. Allegations surfaced that Sagar Behera assaulted lyricist Pramod Parida, leading to a police complaint filed at the Badamabadi Police Station.

According to Pramod Parida, Sagar Behera and an associate attacked him at his residence near Pala Mandap, causing bleeding injuries to his head. In the complaint, Pramod claimed that Sagar forcibly took him on a scooter to another location after the assault.

Additionally, Sagar accused Pramod of posting negative content about Humane Sagar on Facebook and later issued life threats.

Expressing his distress over the incident, Pramod stated, “Ollywood singer Humane Sagar is always in controversy for his bad behavior. When I was at my residence, some of his goons forcibly took me out of my house and detained and tortured me for over 3 hours inside the office of Humane. I am deeply pained over the incident.”

The police have registered a case and initiated an investigation into the matter. As of now, there has been no official response from Humane Sagar or his manager.

Please note that developments in the situation may have occurred after my last knowledge update in January 2022. For the latest information, it is recommended to check recent news sources.

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