Jajabara 2.0 Odia Film: A Masterpiece in Crime and Thriller Genre

By | April 1, 2024
Jajabara 2.0 A Masterpiece in Crime and Thriller Genre

Jajabara 2.0 Odia Film: The realm of cinema is where narratives unfurl, emotions stir, and characters resonate with our innermost beings. “Released on: 22 March 2024” is a cinematic masterpiece that delves into the human psyche, blending elements of crime and thriller to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Directed by the visionary Abhishek Swain and produced by the talented duo Kaushik Das and Ram Patnaik under the banner of Aao Nxt, this film stands as a testament to the prowess of Indian cinema.

Story & Narrative

The narrative, shaped by Satya Ranjan and Abhishek Swain, guides us through a journey where two strangers unexpectedly intersect, unveiling their interconnected fates tainted by a shadowy history.

As the story progresses, we observe the intricacies of human behavior unraveling before us. While one character embraces their criminal past, the other sets out on a journey of redemption, weaving a captivating tale of unexpected twists and turns.

Cast and Crew of Jajabara 2.0 Odia Film

A film’s quality often hinges on its ensemble, and “Released on: 22 March 2024” boasts an exceptional cast that breathes life into the story. Devesh Ranjan, BM Baisali, Prasanjeet Mohapatra, Sonali Sharmisstha Mohanty, Choudhury Bikash Das, Sweta Acharya, Manas Ranjan Muduli, Supray Meher, Lala Mohapatra, and others deliver performances that linger in the memory long after the credits roll.

Behind the scenes, the creative brilliance of Abhishek Das shines through in the screenplay and dialogues, captivating the audience with every uttered word.

Biswajit Paital’s skilled editing, alongside Soumyaraj Nayak’s breathtaking cinematography, creates a visual spectacle that mesmerizes the senses.

Shakti Swaroop Dwibedy’s meticulous audiography ensures that every sound resonates with emotion, while Kisaloy Roy’s soul-stirring music sets the perfect tone for the narrative.

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Jajabara 2.0 Odia Film Wikipedia

Movie NameJajabara 2.0
Released on22 March 2024
Directed byAbhishek Swain
Produced byKaushik Das, Ram Patnaik
Production Co.Aao Nxt
StorySatya Ranjan, Abhishek Swain
Screenplay, DialoguesAbhishek Das
EditingBiswajit Paital
CinematographySoumyaraj Nayak
AudiographyShakti Swaroop Dwibedy
MusicKisaloy Roy
CastDevesh Ranjan, BM Baisali (Baishali Biswal), Prasanjeet Mohapatra, Sonali Sharmisstha Mohanty, Choudhury Bikash Das, Sweta Acharya, Manas Ranjan Muduli, Supray Meher, Lala Mohapatra and others
GenreCrime, Thriller
CBFC CertificationA
Running Time/Film Duration1h 22m